Never has an agency offered you less

Edison is a new-model creative
agency for startups

It’s about time someone in advertising offered you less. Less of the unnecessary strategy, proprietary tools designed to extract more revenue, and the additional staff brought on board to match corporate structures and add profit.

At Edison, we don’t offer you that. We just give you what you need, from people who can deliver.

It’s a new-model agency focusing on marketing campaigns for innovators who want to scale more effectively, and traditional companies who want to work more like a startup. The main thing is, we’re totally nimble — apart from our Creative Director who limps a bit from a football injury.

Why are we different? No muffins

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The definition of a startup is ‘a high-growth-potential business’. Potential is one thing, success quite another. To promote your business for success, you either hack at it in-house, or approach an expensive advertising agency.

Traditional ad agencies target corporates, and create their structures to match - like players on a chessboard. The more cumbersome layers of senior staff they have, the more revenue they need to make. So, they don’t mind throwing a few plates of muffins into every meeting to keep you happy.  

We’re structured horizontally, not vertically, so we can help you at any stage. And we’re just here to help you grow your business. So, no muffins.

We make our awesome clients even awesomer

Yes! We have testimonials from real people

“They had beautifully honed our legacy marketing assets whilst developing a highly focused marketing strategy and, mindful that we are just a startup, maximised the ‘bang for our buck’. Dynamoto are excited to be continuing our collaboration with Edison in helping us build the business."

Stephen McGuinness, Co-founder

“Oventus Medical is a young Brisbane-based medical devices company, developing innovative solutions to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea. Like any startup, we move quickly, we have limited resources, and we adapt to constant change and evolution. Edison helped us by delivering a product that exceeded our expectations. I am particularly impressed by the team’s commitment, the perfect mix of creative energy and disciplined project management.”

Elise Hogan, VP of Global Sales, Marketing & Commercialisation

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